FOOD series (code no. CKSFO)
Rounded CP natural soap that helps the skin into the grain and is soft.
- Weight : 90g or more
- Main ingredients: palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, rice oil, canola oil, fragrance oil
- Kinds : Clean-Yellow, Calm-blue, Relaxed-Green, Pure-White, Smooth-Brown

100% CP natural soap - Made by adhering to the difficult CP (cold pprocess) manufacturing method.
1008 hours of waiting - It will be shipped after a low temperature aging process of 1008 hours (6 weeks) or more.
A safe incense - It is composed of fragrance suitable for cosmetic standards and is safe for skin.
Abundant foam - You can feel rich bubbles in a special manufacturing method.
Natural color - All colors are made from natural colors and are safe, and they help skin by the nature of its unique ingredients.
No chemical composition - No animal oils, synthetic preservatives, hardeners, surfactants, parabens are used.

What is CP natural soap?
CP soap has a greater moisturizing and cleansing effect than normal soap because it is made out of pure vegetable base oil, which is good for skin, and contains natural glycerin. This soap needs 6 weeks of aging period and you can use the soap after that. The longer it ages, the softer and greater the soap becomes. CP soap is considered as the finest cosmetic soap.
CP Natural Soap
CP Natural Soap
CP Natural Soap
CP Natural Soap
CP Natural Soap
CP Natural Soap