Fun & Joy Inc.

Fun & Joy is a specialist manufacturer that has spent many years researching and manufacturing natural soaps. We have developed a variety of natural soaps to match new trends that go beyond existing concepts in other natural soaps with our accumulated knowhow from manufacturing and continuous research into natural soaps. In addition, we have developed Art Soap using a new type of material that allows you to express yourself with colors and forms similar to regular clay using natural soap. Art Soap doesn’t end with the manufacturing process. We research and develop a variety of educational resources to benefit customers when they use the product. We promise to continue to produce safe, high-quality products that meet the requests of customers in the future.


R&D, Good Material, Customer Priority, Correct Process, Like a Family, Educational Contents


Developed natural soap and soap clay
Registered Art Soap trademark
Established Fun & Joy
Established the soap clay association
Selected as a HIT 500, conducted a UN NGO soap for life program
Incorporated, participated in overseas exhibitions (Qiangdao exhibition in China, Ho Chi Minh exhibition in Vietnam)
Selected as a venture company
Selected as an enhanced export-capability business by the SME Office
ISO9001:2008 certification, ISO14001:2004 certification
Selected as a business for overseas certification standards (FDA, CPSC)
Selected as a short-term private business overseas network
Applied for eight trademarks in China and nine in Korea
Started the BDM soap clay stationery company in Korea
Participation in exhibitions – March – Shanghai, China exhibition, May – Guangzhou, China exhibition, May – Wuhan, China exhibition