Introduction of Institution
Currently, there are many off-line education centers and classes affiliated with 'the Zzomulrak Soap Clay Institution' across the country. Many instructors are showing great interest in taking part in certification programs. (Used by over 90 education centers and classrooms nationwide)

Stable and Consistent Development of Fresh Contents at Study Group Activities
Organized primarily by those professional instructors armed with over 15 years of on-the-spot educational career experience.

Major Activities
- Producing of after-school teachers at elementary schools, junior & senior high schools.
- Producing of professional soap clay instructors working at variety of cultural centers and public institutions.
- Issuing the certificates of qualification for children and youths.
- Development of contents for Chomulrak Soap Clay. Research of educational theory and practical skill.
The Certificate of Qualification issued by Fun and Joy is registered as an authorized public license at the KRIVET (Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training).

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