zzomulrak soap
Educational Effects

1. Work it to make clay
- Release your stress by working the clay with your hands.
- Improve EQ by developing small muscles and stimulating your brain.
- It helps cognitive development.

2. Mix various colors
- Have fun changing the colors.
- Understand colors by predicting change of colors.
- Improve creativity by making your own color.

3. Make solid artworks
- Improve understanding of space by applying and combining plane.
- Improve understanding of basic figures and objects.
- Improve overall thinking skills.

4. Make round or grid shape
- Improve and develop creativity by imagining the completed form.
- Improve overall thinking skills by thinking of the order of making the soap.

5. Use it in real life!
- Develop the habit of washing hands and face frequently.
- Feel sense of achievement by using the soap you made.
- Develop friendship and sense of sharing by giving it as a gift.
- Environmental education through 99.9% bio-degradable and environmentally-friendly soap. Improve understanding of the basic figures and objects.

Art Soap