zzomulrak soap
Storage and Use of Soap
Similar to common clay products, the Chomulrak can be produced with any desired shape, pattern and colors by gently kneading with hands. Prior to use of product, please wash the hands with wet tissue & etc. to reduce staining of soap with certain water content on hand palms when working it with hands. Once the process of making creative shape art pieces, the product can be used as a soap right away, and at the same time, it can be used as a soap with no making up process as well. Please try using the product after enjoying making of art piece to obtain a lot more abundant bubbles. Please note that the Chomurak, being a natural soap, is a little bit more soft than common soaps. Please use soap holder for longer use of product. The persons requiring care and supervision of guardian can use the products at the attendance of guardian.
Art Soap
Color Mixing Tips
The variety of colors can be created as mixed with soap clays of basic colors provided. (Check the mixing ratio visibly for creating desired colors while mixing the soap clays.)
A. Basic Color Mixture Diagram (Similar to common painting colors.)
The genuinely thick colors of yellow, red and blue soap clays allows creating the wide range of diverse colors expressing from thick primary colors to pastel tone colors. (Brightness and saturation are adjustable depending on the amount of white and black as mixed.)
B. Color mixing examples
C. Color Mixing Tips : When you mix colors, first knead, and then rub the soap with your hands.
Art Soap
Art Soap
Using everyday items
Cotton swabs : embossing effect   ② Sticks : allow you to draw   ③ Toothbrushes : express textures like grass   ④ Toothpicks : sewing effect   ⑤ Skewers : a round pattern   ⑥ Wooden chopsticks : rectangular patterns   ⑦ Straws : moving circular patterns   ⑧ Screwdriver : +,- patterns
Art Soap
1. This product must not be eaten.
2. Due to natural color properties, discoloration may occur with excessive exposure to direct sunlight (fluorescent lights and indoor lights).
3. When weather is cold, product may become hardened. However, it will quickly soften with the temperature produced by rubbing hands.
4. This product cannot be properly used in temperatures below room temperature. Store the product at room temperature before use.
5. After use, keep the product sealed, and avoid over exposure to lights.
6. Odor can be generated by rubbing product with sweat from hands. Reduce odors by washing hands before use.
7. Wetting hands slightly with a wet tissue before use of this product to avoid excessive smearing.
8. When attaching two DIY soap objects, rub the adhesive surface with a wet tissue. This will make sticking objects together easier.
9. After usage and new soap shape is formed, spray your creation thoroughly with water. This will make it become more solid.
10. If the soap becomes dry due to prolonged usage after opening, use a water spray or wet tissue to restore the products to original physical properties. ( Caution : if soap is completely dried and hardened from prolonged use, then, there is a risk that its original physical properties cannot be restored.)