zzomulrak soap
What is Zzomulrak soap?
A natural soap that serves as an artistic DIY soap allowing you can express yourself by kneading it directly with your hands to create any number of a variety of colors and forms just like clay.
A new educational material that combines existing soap making classes with a variety of clay classes.
Helps nurture not only the basic sculptural artistic activity of flat sculpture and three-dimensional sculpture but also develops the concept of colors.
Three different differentiated products are available: Zzomulrak art soap, Zzomulrak soft soap.
Zzomulrak Soft Soap
HP and CP natural soaps are the basic artistic DIY soaps.
Characterized by being soft and moldable, it allows preschool-aged children and seniors to easily create art.
* Constituents: HP natural soap, CP natural soap, cornstarch, distilled water, natural colorings, F.O
What is HP natural soap?
Produced at high temperatures, after 2-3 hours of saponification the soap will be ready for use after two weeks of ripening. It is produced in a similar way to CP natural soap but is known to have less of a soap-like effect when compared with CP natural soap. It is typically used in transparent soap, liquid soap, and shampoo.
Zzomulrak Art Soap
An artistic DIY soap made from CP natural soap. Characterized by use in exquisite and detailed art, it allows for a high-level of expression in both flat and three-dimensional sculpture.
* Constituents: CP natural soap, cornstarch, distilled water, natural colorings, F.O
What is CP natural soap?
CP soap has a greater moisturizing and cleansing effect than normal soap because it is made out of pure vegetable base oil, which is good for skin, and contains natural glycerin. This soap needs 4 weeks of aging period and you can use the soap after that. The longer it ages, the softer and greater the soap becomes. CP soap is considered as the finest cosmetic soap.