zzomulrak soap
Applications and Features of Product
Zzomulrak, a product conceived from brilliant idea, is a natural soap yet capable of creating user’s own unique soap with coloring and shaping similar to the soil clay.
People of almost all the ages except with infants and babies can enjoy making of own creative soaps, providing all the advantages of excitement in playing with common soil clay works but with completely new types of soaps inducing interest, offering the highly educational concentration and fresh fun to customers.
Zzomulrak is absolutely suitable for class room works and do-it-yourself training materials, which is as well excellent in conducting cleanliness training through practices in creative making for children at home.
Further, the Zzomulrak Soap can be used in daily living also offering outstanding utilization as well as highly valuable for gift with customers’ best wishes.
Zzomulrak soap is made out of safe materials (vegetable oil and natural coloring pigments ) that do not irritate skin. Zzomulrak Soap can be used right after it is made. If you let it dry, you can use the soap for a longer period of time.

The features of Zzomulrak Soap Product can be summarized with four key words of NEW, SMART, FUN & ENVIRONMENT as described below;
NEW representing the most specialized product newly developed by Fun and Joy,
SMART representing the convenience and simplicity requiring no other provisions,
FUN representing the joy earned from wonder of “How can a soap do this?” and diversified creative activities and finally,
Environment representing the care deliberating on environment as the product is to be biodegradable by 99.9% after 72 hours from using it as a soap.
Advantages and Differentiation to Other Products
Zzomulrak, a product first developed in the world, offers the far superior quality, allowing unlimited applications as an educational material as combining the soap making class and clay playing class together.
Zzomulrak, a CP soap, manufactured with diverse vegetable oils and natural coloring pigment is highly environment friendly and safe for use, providing convenience with diversified colors, wide variety of product series and customer oriented package offering.
Zzomulrak, comparing with other competitive products, is a product appreciated with its color mixture, texture, appearance and soap function as proven in the market.

Advantages of Zzomulrak Soap
Clean : Maintaining the normal cleanliness after working on art pieces thanks to no dust generation at site, ease of clean finishing after work and simple hand washing with best use of product as soap applicable.
Educational Effect : Variety of education class operations available with diversified educational effect and applications.
Environment Friendliness : Manufactured with pure & genuine natural raw materials. 99.9% biodegradable after 72 hours from using the product as soap generating no water pollution.
Premium Quality Materials : New, safe material of no soil clay or paper clay offering unique experience allowing making own soap with unique & individual design.
Useful : Unique do-it-yourself made soap can be practically used as a soap.
Safe : Safety in class room guaranteed with no use of any heating devices and no presence of sharp tools or hazardous chemical reaction processes.
Differentiated Quality : Differentiated quality enhanced not available with conventional CP soaps.
Convenience of Work : No preliminary work Supplied in clay form requiring no standby time. Gentle kneading only Easily produced by children and aged persons requiring no strong force.
Secret of colors
Zzomulrak Soap is safe because it is colored by natural dyes (some by cosmetics ingredients).
● White (Pigment: Titanium Dioxide)
Well-known and widely used pigment for cosmetics and UV block. Harmless to human body. Used for food including white chocolate.

● Yellow (Pigment: gardenia seeds pigment)
Natural pigment extracted from gardenia fruits. Used as a yellow coloring agent for beverage, pickle, or Chinese noodle.

● Red (Pigment: lac color )
Used for fruit drink, ham, sausage, candy, jam, tomato products, and lactic acid bacteria beverage.

● Blue (Pigment: Polygonumtinctorium powder)
Dye extracted from polygonumtinctorium. Mainly used for cosmetics.

● Brown (Pigment: Cocoa powder)
used for chocolate, chocolate cookies.

● Black (Pigment: charcoal powder)
Mostly used for cosmetic products like facial mask.

● Other (Pink, yellow green, green, red clay, peach, orange, purple, dark purple, sky blue)
Mix 6 primary colors. (white, red, blue yellow, brown, black)
Ex) purple = blue + red