zzomulrak soap

Zzomulrak softt soap SDIY5P60 is packaged individually for the enjoyment of a single user. (Also available in 5 and 10 person packages)
By following the included program, anyone can easily create artwork using the product.
Perfect for classes for simple hands-on experience without the process of soap making
- Constituents : HP natural soap, CP natural soap, cornstarch, distilled water, natural colorings, F.O
- Polyester bag size : 160 X 250 (mm)
- Weight : approximately 60g
- Colors: the color of each type of soap depends on the item being made

Zzomulrak Soft Soap
Zzomulrak Soft Soap
Zzomulrak Soft  Soap
Arts and crafts activity
Please refer to the manual provided for art activities. (The process of creating artwork is explained in detail in the manual.)
Zzomulrak Soft Soap
Zzomulrak Soft Soap